People in medieval times knew the Earth was round

Common belief to this day is that majority of people in medieval times thought that the world is flat. Taking that as a fact seems to be very popular these days, but in reality, things are not as black and white as that. For example, records show that even the ancient Greeks knew that the world is round. So how is it then that most people today have this notion that their medieval counterparts believed in a flat Earth?

In medieval times people knew the world was round

Blame for painting medieval times as a period of flat Earth belief first needs to be placed on publications (books, newspapers) of the early 20th century. In them, their writers portrayed medieval times with flat Earth belief as the standard for that period. In part it was because of the very vocal minority, mainly the clergy, which stuck to this ludicrous belief. Since texts were mostly written by this vocal minority of flat Earthers, and texts are how information was passed down till present day, it’s no wonder we think masses in the middle ages thought the world was flat. Modern media continued to spread this myth till present day.

New research, mainly from independent sources, shows that broader masses were very familiar with the round Earth hypothesis, and firmly believed it. It would be as if future generations only judged our current times on the ramblings of the flat Earthers which still exist today. So hopefully now we’ve cleared that up for you.